Las Vegas Tattoo Artist


Kamil "Mocet" Terczynski

A world-renowned tattoo artist based in Las Vegas needs no introduction to those in the industry or serious tattoo enthusiasts. Tattooing since 1999, he is a proud official artist of the Intenze Ink Family and Intenze Frontiersmen.

Kamil Mocet at Golden State Tattoo Expo

INTENZE INK Official Promo.

Kamil Mocet Signature INTENZE

the cover-up ink set BLOOD & GREY

Inked Mag Interview

Kamil Mocet talks about his tattoo cover-ups and all the process of 

turning an old bad tattoo into some new cool demonic art.



In 2004 I moved to London (UK) to start working along with living legend Bugs at the Evil From The Needle. In 2008 I opened my tattoo shop Kamil Tattoos which over the years was hosting many well known and talented artists so we all can learn of each other. I always dreamed about the tattoo studio that would be a home for the greatest in the business. I specialized in unique often dark, horror-themed painting, surrealism as well as poster tattoos. My inspiration comes from a deep appreciation of the power of symbolism that I'm enjoying implementing into my designs. The key to my success during my career has been a dedication to art and commitment, finding my style evolving. To keep it in progress, I've decided to move to the US to change the environment to push myself even further.


An Official Committee Member of The Coalition For Tattoo Safety.

Coalition For Tattoo Safety is a non-profit organisation in the USA.

Learn more about The CTS and its mission on the official website.




Due to Covid-19 restrictions, everything is changing very quickly.
Watch this space for more info or contact Kamil to check his availability and to book your tattoo session.