Kamil mocet


Las Vegas Tattoo Artist

Kamil MOCET Terczynski

A world-renowned tattoo artist based in Las Vegas, Nevada, who needs no introduction to those in the industry or serious tattoo enthusiasts. Tattooing since 1999, Kamil has created beautiful, vibrant pieces that feature epic, horror-infused themes. Gorgeous female nudes, creatures from beyond, and gore scenes all play a central role. It comes from a deep appreciation of the power of symbolism that he enjoys working into his designs. Key to his success during his career has been dedication and commitment to art. Kamil is a proud official artist of the Intenze Ink Family and Intenze Frontiersmen.



Kamil Mocet is an official committee member of the Coalition for Tattoo Safety

The Coalition for Tattoo Safety is a Non-Profit Organisation in the USA made up of tattoo artists, tattoo enthusiasts, and industry leaders.

Learn more about the CTS and its mission on its official website.

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