Next Level Tattoo Cover Up
BY Kamil Mocet

Kamil Mocet is a tattoo artist based in Las Vegas, Nevada.

His 20 years of experience in tattooing paintings like surrealistic horror-infused themes that brought him industry respect around the globe has also developed a unique style and technique of tattoo cover-up. It’s a very effective method of getting rid of bad or no longer wanted ink, often achievable without any painful and expensive tattoo removal procedure.

Kamil is more than able to rework most tattoos that other artists wouldn’t even consider touching. His technique is one of a kind. The final effect is unbelievable. We have seen many of Mocet’s tattoo cover-ups, and his clients were blown away by the outcome. He is taking it to the next level. The level that is hard to find or match elsewhere. If you have any “regrets” that need to go, contact Kamil to get the ball rolling.


Every tattoo cover-up project differs from the other ones. There is no “one fits all” formula. Kamil takes an individual approach to each case and works it out to achieve the best possible result.

Take a look and the sliders below and compare the outcome of his work. Apart from the black background added to the “after” photos purely for decorative reasons, pictures of actual tattoos showing “before and after” were not manipulated or reworked digitally in any way. They are row shots of Kamil’s tattoo cover-up work.


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